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Archive for December 2015

Kitty Weeks has landed the job of a lifetime. She’s arrived in New York in 1915 to start a new position as the reporter for the ladies page at the New York Sentinel. And what a time to be a writer, the country teeters on the brink of World War I, and the Lusitania has just been sunk by a German torpedo. As if that weren’t enough, she runs afoul of a murderer. A delightful early twentieth romp through New York City


During a dig in the Wye Valley, ecologist Nina is working alongside archaeologists when they uncover the 13th century gave of an infant. The discovery is especially difficult for Nina, as she’s still coming to grips with the death of her own baby. Nina and her boss Mark become aware that there is something supernatural surrounding the dig, and the spirits there seem particularly drawn to Nina. This novel about the Cathars was first published almost 20 years ago and has held up well. A fascinating story of the Crusades

Pathologist Beverly Wharton helped convict her mortuary assistant Melchior Pendred of five horrific murders. Now as he lies dying in jail, a sixth, identical murder is committed. Beverly is suddenly terrified she pointed the finger at the wrong man. Melchior has a twin, Martin, who was also her assistant at the morgue. When Martin disappears, Beverly calls in legendary investigator John Eisenmenger to help uncover the truth

P. I. Anna Southwood takes on a new case when Fiona Galloway, a hearing impaired social worker is sure she’s being stalked when she gets a series of threatening letters. When Fiona is attacked and left for dead, Anna thinks this case is linked with another client who’s serving a murder sentence in jail. Anna will have to deal with the worst elements of Sydney’s criminal underworld to save Fiona

Simone Porter and her husband Matt have managed to rebuild their lives, but they have never forgotten the kidnapping of their 6 month old daughter Helena, eighteen years ago. Now, out of nowhere, a woman named Grace has come to Simone, saying she has information about what really happened to baby Helena. Simone doesn’t know what to believe, but when Grace disappears, Helene knows she must find her if she ever hopes to find out what happened to her daughter. Bookouture has become a publisher to watch, with some of the best writing talent around

Tina Fontana makes her living cleaning up after Robert Barlow, CEO of Titan corporation, a media conglomerate. Tina likes her job, but it chafes when she’s buying wine for her boss that costs as much as her rent. When an accounting error leaves enough money floating around that Tina could pay off her college loans, she’s mightily tempted. Tina has always played by the rules, but where has it gotten her, really? Thirty years old and she’s still a glorified secretary. This is a delightful novel about temptation by first time author, Perri. Highly recommended

Nikki Liska has gotten her wish. She’s left her homicide team behind to join a cold case squad. Now, she can spend  time with her teenage sons. Her first assignment is the case of a cop shot dead in his own yard 25 years earlier. Meanwhile, her old partner, Sam Kovak, and his new partner, a freakishly good looking man who’s also a great detective, have caught a hell of a case. A husband and wife have been brutally murdered in their own home, a Samurai sword used in the crime. Hoag writes incredible mysteries and one of her greatest strengths is her character development. Don’t miss this fantastic read