People Who Knew Me by Kim Hooper. Published by St. Martins

Emily had the life she always wanted. She’s married her true love and life has nowhere to go but up, the sky is the limit. Then her mother-in-law gets ill, seriously ill, and all Emily’s husband’s love and attention turns to his mother, leaving Emily feeling shut out in the cold. She begins to spend more and more time at work and after a tempestuous affair with her boss, discovers she’s carrying his child. Emily has fallen in love with her boss and is all set to tell her husband she’s leaving him when her lover is killed on 9/11. Unable to have the future she wanted, Emily changes her names to Connie and moves to California where she and her daughter live a good life until a medical diagnosis leaves her no choice but to face her past. When I read the synopsis of this book, I was prepared to hate Emily/Connie, a woman who seemed to be able to turn her back on people in need and cast aside those she professed to love. After reading the book, however, I was able to understand and maybe even identify with a woman whose world explodes around her. Sometimes people just do what they have to do, and it’s a testament to Hooper’s skills as an author that she can make readers sympathize with an unsympathetic character


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