A Sugar Creek Chronicle by Cornelia F. Mutel. Published by the University of Iowa

Mutel writes about climate change, but this is no dry tome with statistics and charts. Rather, it’s an account, almost a memoir of Mutel’s own life and how climate change has impacted her world. In a journal fashion, she writes about her home an life in Iowa, beginning in January, remarking on the shorter winters, higher temperatures and longer mud seasons. She talks about the wildlife around her house, how it has adapted to live in a certain biome and how changing weather patterns have affected both animals and insects. She reminisces about her children enjoying the beauty of nature, talks about long walks in the woods with her dog and sitting before the fire on a cold winter’s night. Reading this book is like sitting down with a good friend and learning about all the changes occurring right before our eyes, realizing what he have lost and all that is still at stake. One of the best books about nature and biodiversity I have ever read


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