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The Girl Who Came Back by Susan Lewis. Published by Ballantine

Posted on: March 21, 2016

Jules Bright and her husband have it all. They purchased the pub they had both always dreamed of one day running and now they have a beautiful baby daughter they name Daisy. Unfortunately, there’s a serpent in their garden and her name is Amelia Quentin. Amelia is a nasty piece of work (she kills her own mother in the first chapter of the book, although no one knows it). Amelia wants to be friends with Daisy, and even though Amelia is a spoiled brat, Daisy doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. When Daisy goes missing, Jules is beside herself. When Daisy’s body is found, Jules learns that her daughter was stabbed to death. The killer? Amelia Quentin. Tried and convicted, Amelia gets only a few years behind bars. When she is released, everyone is worried. What will Jules do? What will Amelia do? Whom should be scared of whom. This is a taut, well told story of heartbreak and revenge


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