Where Dragonflies Hover by AnnMarie Brear. Published by Choc Lit

Lexi has always been drawn to Hollingsworth House, since it’s come up for sale, all she can think about is buying it. Unfortunately her husband, Dylan has no interest, as a matter of fact, he’s told her, it’s either their marriage or the house.  Knowing that her marriage has been faltering for a while now, Lexi sadly chooses the house. It’s in an old shed on the property that she comes across a diary written by a World War I nurse named Allie. Lexi becomes enthralled with Allie’s story, the terrible battlefield hospitals she worked in, and the married man that Allie falls in love with. As Lexi learns the connection between Allie and Hollingsworth House, she’s even more sure that she made the right decision to buy the house. But Lexi didn’t count on a surprise that will change everything. Alternating between the battlefields of WWI France and present day Yorkshire, this is a story of love that lasts beyond a lifetime



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