Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford. Published by Berkley

London, 1926. A brand new company, the British Broadcasting Corporation is just opening it’s doors. Maisie Musgrave has landed a job there as a secretary, and while at first she’s intimidated by her bosses and all the famous people tromping through the studio, she soon relaxes and finds her niche, scheduling writers and scientists and politicians to be on the air. The public, meanwhile, has fallen head over heels for the BBC, listening to the radio at all hours. Soon Maisie finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between two of her bosses, one male and one female. Maisie finds herself taking the side of Hilda Matheson, the director of the Talks programming and as  she learns the rope from Hilda, she begins to see the divide between the have and have nots, the men and women in the industry. This was a fascinating look at the beginning of radio and the importance that the BBC would play in the coming days of World War II


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