The Second Girl by David Swinson. Published by Mullholland

Former police detective Frank Marr took an early retirement from the force. Now, he works as a private investigator for a defense attorney. The money he earns comes in handy for funding Frank’s “hobby”. He’s been a high functioning drug addict for years and has become so skilled at hiding it, no one knows. During a routine investigation, Frank stumbles across a kidnapped teenage girl in a drug dealer’s hangout. The rescue makes him front page news and he’s soon talked into searching for another missing teen who may be connected to the first girl. But all the media scrutiny threatens to expose Frank’s secrets for all to see. I have read a lot of books where the tortured cop was an alcoholic but this is my first drug addicted cop. Frank is the kind of character you know you should hate, but you can’t help but rally behind. His humanity is a testament to Swinson’s skills as an author


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