Time After Time by Hannah McKinnon. Published by HarperCollins UK

Hayley Cooper has a loving husband, wonderful children and a job as a high powered attorney, but she’s far from happy. Her work life is crap, too many hours and nasty bosses. Her husband is working on building a new career and because he’s home, should be helping out with the kids a lot more than he is. Hayley is exhausted, and after an argument with her husband, she storms out of the house to spend the night with a friend. Why does her life have to be so complicated? Sometime she longs for the old days, the times when life was easy. Imagine her surprise when she wake up the next day next to her first boyfriend, a man she hasn’t seen in twenty years. Has she strayed, broken her marriage vows? Nope, this is Hayley’s chance to see what life could have been like if she’s stayed with her first love, back during the time when things were “easy”. You know what they say, the grass is always greener….be careful what you wish for….Hayley is about to discover those old sayings are all too true. There isn’t a woman alive who won;t relate to this book. How many times have we wondered how differently things might have turned out, if only…Funny, provocative and moving


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