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From the start of this book, readers know that a series of events have resulted in tragedy, the only question is, was this a dreadful accident or something more? Julie has had to move her family to Cincinnati to try to escape the stalker that has been after them since the publication of her bestselling book, The Murder Game. When she forms an instant bond with her new neighbor, John Dunbar, Julie begins to think that she’s made the right decision and can start to take her life back. Told in both the past, before the “incident” and after, readers are left pondering if the stalker is back, if Julie’s new neighbors are out to get her, or, if there is something else, even more sinister at play. LOVED this book! I started reading last night and couldn’t go to bed until I finished it


Texting while driving, Tori Williams becomes involved in a car crash that kills three people. The story becomes a media sensation, with the public crying out for revenge – they want Tori’s blood. Meanwhile, Etta, another driver in the crash who pulled Tori to safety is hailed as a hero. So why doesn’t she feel like it? Tori is looking for redemption and thinks she can find it be mending Etta’s broken life, but then Tori may not know everything about Etta.  A twisted story where nothing is as it seems

Marianne Stokes was 17 when she fled England after an accident left one teenager dead and Marianne’s boyfriend, Gabriel, badly hurt. The incident will haunt her for years and it takes nearly three decades before she finds some solace with her husband Darius in North Carolina. When circumstances send her fleeing again – this time back to her hometown – she will have to face her past and the repercussions. Gabriel, ow the village vicar is only to happy to take her in, even though others are not so happy to see her back. When Darius finally tracks her down, Marianne will be forced to finally tell the truth, to others and to herself. Marianne is a seriously flawed character who becomes a strong, brave and independent woman

The Krewe of Hunters returns to Louisiana, St. Francisville to be exact, where two Civil War re-enactors have been found murdered. Charlie Moreau is back in town to work on a movie, and is shocked when her father becomes the prime suspect in the murders.Newest Krewe member Ethan Delaney is no stranger to either St. Francisville or Charlie, the woman he once saved from a Civil War era ghost. Together Charlie and Ethan cook up a plan to have all the re-enactors aboard Charlie’s father’s riverboat for a cruise. With all of them together in one place, they hope to out the guilty party. I always enjoy Graham’s Krewe novels and this one that a little Agatha Christie touch reminiscent of Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile

Chase Ford was only to happy to leave Comanche County, Colorado far behind. The first of his family to leave, Chase left behind good friends and worse enemies. When circumstances bring him back, he’s caught up in two murders; both have ties to him. There are plenty of people in town who would love to see him go down for the killings, whether he’s guilty or not and as the cops close in on Chase, he realizes he’s going to have to face his own demons in order to save himself. It’s hard to believe this is Wolf’s first novel, he writes like a seasoned pro, with characters so real, it’s hard to let them go at the end of the story. I can’t wait for Wolf’s next book

Tana Larsson is five months pregnant and looking for a fresh start. She gets one when she takes a job as a rookie cop in the tiny, remote town of Two Rivers, right on the border of the Arctic Circle. Yes, it’s very cold and very dark, but it’s a chance to start over and how much crime can there be in a town of less than 300 people? Tana finds out when her boss is out of commission and she’s the only law enforcement officer in almost 18,000 miles. She gets word there’s been a wolf mauling and that two teens have been killed. The location is so remote, she has to rely on bush pilot Crash O’Halloran to get to the site. Crash has got an unsavory reputation, but Tana has no choice but to trust him. Once they get to the site of the killings, it becomes obvious that this was no mauling, human hands were involved in these gruesome deaths. Alone in the cold and the dark, Tana and Crash will have to hunt a killer before her hunts them. I read this on a hot summer evening and it gave me chills. Seriously creepy

When Sam Parker returns to take a teaching job in her hometown of Hidden Falls 18 years after the murder of her brother, she’s dismayed to see little has changed. The people there are still close mined and insular. Also returning to town is Ethan McClane, but no one recognizes the child psychologist as the insecure, troubled teen from all those years ago, not even Sam. But Ethan remembers her and when the two get together to try to help one of Sam’s students, the sparks fly. But the memories that Sam has repressed for two decades also start to resurface and the more she remembers, the more reason a killer has to be sure that those secrets stay buried..forever. This book gets off to a slow start, and I have to wonder why anyone would return to such a mean spirited town, but the last half of the book picks up and gets exciting