In the Barren Ground by Loreth Anne White. Published by Montlake

Tana Larsson is five months pregnant and looking for a fresh start. She gets one when she takes a job as a rookie cop in the tiny, remote town of Two Rivers, right on the border of the Arctic Circle. Yes, it’s very cold and very dark, but it’s a chance to start over and how much crime can there be in a town of less than 300 people? Tana finds out when her boss is out of commission and she’s the only law enforcement officer in almost 18,000 miles. She gets word there’s been a wolf mauling and that two teens have been killed. The location is so remote, she has to rely on bush pilot Crash O’Halloran to get to the site. Crash has got an unsavory reputation, but Tana has no choice but to trust him. Once they get to the site of the killings, it becomes obvious that this was no mauling, human hands were involved in these gruesome deaths. Alone in the cold and the dark, Tana and Crash will have to hunt a killer before her hunts them. I read this on a hot summer evening and it gave me chills. Seriously creepy


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