A Recipe for Romance by Elizabeth Hilton. Published by Endeavour

Alex needs to get away from her scary, controlling ex so she can finish her cookbook, so she rents a small cottage on a larger estate in the English countryside. On arrival she discovers a delightful walled garden, but is scared off by man telling her she’s trespassing and to leave immediately. Her first encounter with estate owner, Hugo, doesn’t give her much reason to like him, even if he is good looking. Locals in town are strangely protective of the prickly Hugo, and even he he and Alex don’t really care for each other, his dogs fall madly in love with her. As fate throws them together again and again, the two begin to form a tenuous bond and Alex finally learns why Hugo is so distant. Just as if it looks like they might have a chance at happily ever after, a ghost from Alex’s past jeopardizes everything. I loved the descriptions of the gardens and Alex’s cooking. it took me longer to warm up to Hugo, he was a bit of a knob, but all came round in the end


The Sixth Idea by P. J. Tracy. Published by Putnam

I made he mistake of starting this book at bedtime; I planned to read a chapter or two, but ended up finishing the book before I turned out the lights because I had to know what was going on. A man and a woman meet on an airplane and discover they have something unusual in common, his father and her grandfather were part of a very small group of men who worked together on the hydrogen bomb. He tells her he’s been in touch with another man who’s father was also on the project. The plane lands, but they agree to meet the next day. The meeting never occurs because the man from the plan and the man he planned to meet are both murdered. Soon more bizarre, seemingly unconnected murders occur and detectives Magazzi and Rolselth enlist the aid of the computer geniuses at Monkeewrench for help. It would seem that the H Bomb was only one of several ideas to destabilize a population, now a small group wants to initiate the Sixth Idea, one that will bring the world to it’s knees, and they’re killing anyone with knowledge of the old plans – unless Monkeewrench and Magazzi and crew can stop them. This is true edge of your seat reading

Willow Cottage by Bella Osborne. Published by HarperCollins UK

In order to protect her young son, Beth has to go into hiding. What better place than Willow Cottage in the Cotswolds? The cottage sounded good, but the minute Beth sets eyes on it, she wonders if she’s made a huge mistake. It’s obvious the cottage needs work, a lot of work. And the locals are …..odd. They’re all a lot older than she is, well, except Jack. He’s not the friendliest sort, but he’s going to help straighten out all the problems at her cottage, so maybe he’s not so bad after all. I really enjoyed this story about starting over and learning to trust again

What Happens at the Beach by T.A. Williams. Published by Carina UK

Natalie Dryden has come to her senses just in time and dumped her awful fiancee. Now, she’s headed to the one place she feels at home, the South of France. While she’s sworn off men, at least for the time being, she finds herself surrounded by them. There’s Phillipe, suave and debonair and Remy, the gorgeous, down to earth fishermman and then there’s uber wealthy Mark. When Natalie finds herself working her dream job with the man of her dreams, she knows it’s only a matter of time before reality sets in and it all comes crashing down around her. Or maybe this time will be different? Great escapist reading

Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun by Samantha Tonge. Published by Carina UK

It should be a lovely holiday to the Cornish coast. Kate and her boss and best buddy Izzy are off  for a rare vacation,  but Kate has work to do on this getaway. She’s told an old school “friend”, a mean girl if ever there was one, that she has a boyfriend who looks just like Ross Poldark. But she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she doesn’t even know anyone who looks like Poldark. Now it’s time for mean girl’s wedding and Kate has to have her Poldark lookalike on her arm or she’ll just die of shame, so she’s trolling the Cornish coast for a man who fits the description to take her to the wedding. Oh, this is a rib tickler; the beauty of Cornwall, Kate’s screwball antics and a good looking guy round out this delightful story

House of Secrets by Lynda Stacey. Published by Choc Lit

Maddie Frost has to put her little girl, Poppy first, and that  means getting away from her increasingly controlling boyfriend Liam; far away. She heads to Wrea  Head Hall in Yorkshire, the boutique hotel owned by her estranged father.  Maddie isn’t the only lost soul at the Hall; Christopher “Bandit” Lawless, an ex-marine, is now the gamekeeper at the property. The two are drawn together over an old diary that belonged to the Hall’s previous owner and become immersed in the history of the hall. Bust as Maddie and Bandit grow ever closer, Liam is just biding his time, because he doesn’t intend to let go of Maddie. I loved the descriptions of the Hall and it’s fascinating history. There’s nothing like an English country house story to while away a lazy summer afternoon

The Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin. Published by Berkley

Lost in her loveless marriage, Lara finds new hope when her brother, Phil encourages her to follow her dreams and she opens a little flower shop in Dublin. Ever since she was a child, Lara had a way with flowers, she knew even then that they had remarkable healing properties. She only needs to see and talk with a client for a few moments before she knows exactly the type of floral arrangement they need. But with tremendous heartbreak of her own, Lara has a much harder time of finding ways to heal herself. This is a tearjerker, but also so lovely, filled with floral lore and Lara’s wonderful, if quirky family