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Once upon a time Dr. Iris Ballard was crucial to the FBI as a profiler, but those days are over. Now, her old partner Luke Hudson wants her to profile a serial killer, that the media is calling the Woodsman who’s targeting single mothers. But these days Iris is more interested in spending time with her dog and a bottle of vodka, not necessarily in that order. Then Iris learns some of the terrible details that have been kept out of the press and she knows she has to get involved. Iris knows this killer is all about control and order, and the killer knows Iris is just as smart and compelled as he is. This sets off a game of cat and mouse and only one will survive. This story is a thrill a minute with a believable, flawed heroine that readers will love


England, 1982, Emily is a 25 year old library clerk on the verge of losing her job. Then Carl comes into the library looking for information and books about his family’s history. He wants to know why his grandfather’s passport has a different name on it then the one Carl has always called him by. Emily agrees to help, and together they uncover a secret leading back to World War I with ties to World War II.

Karin has fallen for a bad guy, a very bad guy. But now John is gone and the parties and money are long gone. All she has left is John’s child and an empty promise that she would always be protected by the “family”. The police are intent on bringing down organized crime, but Karin doesn’t care who wins or loses, as long as she comes out in top, and she’ll do whatever she has to to make sure it happens

Detective Karen Pine is up to her neck in mysteries. First off, she’s on the case of a teenager who’s taken a stolen car on a joyride that ended in an accident that left the teen in a coma. A routine DNA test reveals the teen is connected to an unsolved, decades old murder. At the same time, Karen is powerfully drawn to a case she should stay away from, another old case, this one a terrorist bombing. The only thing that’s obvious, is that nothing is what it seems. McDermid is one of my favorite mystery writers, her characters and plot lines are always fresh and well drawn

Liv McKay is up to her neck planning a riverboat gambler engagement party for charity. On top of that, she has a commitment to help set up the annual business women’s retreat, not to mention the ghost hunting wackadoo she’s got to deal with. Then she and her friend find a body in the local cemetery, one that doesn’t belong there. It turns out the victim was a big time party girl who like married men so she had plenty of enemies. Liv and best friend DI set out to find the killer.

Lucy Stone leaves Maine behind to hop the pond with her friend Sue to stay in a grand Manor house for a hat exhibition, and while the Earl, Perry and his sister Poppy are very welcoming, Lucy is aware of dark undercurrents. Rude and overbearing aunt Millie and her servant Harrison show up for the exhibition. Then a body that turns out to be Harrison’s son, Cyril is found in a locked room. Cyril, it seems was a very unpleasant sort and there are plenty of people who would have been happy to see him dead. Lucy’s a long way from home, but her sleuthing instincts are alive and well. Another delightful entry in this long running series

Trudy has no intention of running the dilapidated bookstore her aunt Gertrude left her. Struggling with dyslexia her whole life, she has little use for books and plans to sell the shop. With her Collie and her 1974 Beetle, Trudy sets out to sell the store. Then she meets Kit Darlington, professor of American studies at Cambridge. Kit is looking for a manuscript that he believes may be in Trudy’s store….somewhere. As the two while away the fall days searching for the manuscript, they begin to fall for each other. This is a wonderful story for book lovers, and as a librarian with dyslexia, I can say it is indeed possible to fall in love with books