Greeks by Amanda Hocking. Published by St. Martin’s

Gideon Davorin’s Traveling Sideshow features feats of magic, necromancy and more. Mara is part of the troupe, but she’s always wanted to live a normal life. Instead of cleaning animal cages while her friends make magic, she would rather just be boring. When the sideshow sets up in Caudry, Michigan Mara meets Gabe, a local boy and it only intensifies her desire to escape from the sideshow. But before she can relax, members of the sideshow begin to disappear and are found mauled. Something terrible is at work, something that won’t stop until all the freeks are dead  – unless Mara can marshal the power she didn’t even knew she had, to save them. While this book is slow to start, it’s worth the wait.


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