Time of Death by Lucy Kerr. Published by Crooked Lane

When Frankie Stapleton left Stillwater, she left her fiancée and her family’s failing business behind. Now, 12 years later, she’s back. Frankie is a nurse and plans to help her pregnant sister through the delivery. When she arrives at the local hospital, she’s plunged into a nightmare scenario as the staff struggles to help victims of a bus crash. Frankie sees a man in the midst of a heart attack, with no one else available, she steps in and saves him, even though she’s not licensed there. Hours later, the man is dead and Frankie is looking at a malpractice suit. There’s no doubt the man is dead, but Frankie believes he had some help. Aware that something very sinister is happening in Stillwater, Frankie sets out to uncover the truth. Frankie is a likeable and believable character

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