Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky by Holly Martin. Published by Bookouture

Piper Chesterfield is a hotel reviewer, which means she gets to travel the world and stay in the best hotels. She also stays in some of the worst hotels ans she’s had just about enough traveling. One more hotel, one more review and then she’s taking a well deserved break. This time she’s traveling to a place she knows well, Juniper Island, where she spent some of the happiest days of her childhood. Juniper Island is also the place where her heart was broken. Now, she’s booked into a beautiful hotel for Christmas and it turns out the owner of the hotel is the man who broke Piper’s heart all those years ago. Now Gabe is a widower with a small child and Piper finds it just as hard to resist him now as she did all those years ago. Can they ever get over the past to find a future together? Okay, there were some rather hard to swallow bits (a private plane for one guest?), but none of that mattered. I want to live on Juniper Island!!


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