Finding Libbie by Denna Lynn Sletten. Published by Lake Union

Emily Prentice falls into a rabbit hole when she finds a box of photographs that show her father was married to someone before he married her mother. With her mother now dead,  Emily seeks to find out what happened to Libbie and why she and Emily’s dad divorced. This story consists mainly of the relationship between Jack and Libbie in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Born a child of privilege, Libbie always had everything she wanted. Jack, from a far more humble background aspires to be a mechanic, yet somehow the two fall head over heels in love and are married. It’s not long before the drug culture of the era begins to effect Libbie, and Jack watches helplessly as the woman he loves becomes someone else. Finally, when he cannot take anymore, the two divorce. Back in the present day, Emily wants to find Libbie for her father, to see if there is some way that the woman he loved all those years ago can make him happy again. This was a touching novel and while Emily seems a little too good to be true, Jack and Libbie are characters to believe in and cheer for

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