The Christmas Town by Donna VanLiere. Published by St. Martins

Lauren Gabriel has longed for a real home her whole life. Raised in foster care, she always dreamed her mother would come back for her, but she didn’t. Now, at the ripe old age of twenty, Lauren is living a hand to mouth existence as a cashier, living in a lonely apartment. It’s even worse with Christmas fast approaching, everyone else seems happy, everyone else seems to have a real home. One night after work, rather than go home to an empty apartment, she gets in her car and drives. She witnesses an accident and is escorted to the town of Grandon. At first she’s there merely to fulfill her obligations as a new citizen, but then the little town and its residents begin to grow on her. She finds herself caught up in the good works done by Glory’s Place, a center for families down on their luck and women struggling with bringing up children on their own. The more time Lauren spends in Grandon, the more she wonders if she she’s finally found the home she’s been looking for all her life. A heartwarming Christmas story about finding a place to call your own


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