The Motion of Puppets by Keith Donohue. Published by Picador

Donohue wrote one of my favorite books, The Boy Who Drew Monsters, so I was thrilled to get a chance to read his newest work. In the old city of Quebec, Kay strolls the streets, window shopping. She’s particularly taken with a toy store, Quatre Mains, that never seems to be open.Late one night, she’s out for a walk when she thinks she’s being pursued. She rushes to the toy store and is surprised to see that it’s open. She quickly takes refuge inside, not realizing the fate that awaits her inside is far worse than anything outside. The next day, her husband Theo realizes she’s missing and begins searching the streets of Quebec. What he has no way of knowing is that Kay has been transformed into a puppet in the toy store, where she and other strange marionettes from all over the world come to life only between the hours of midnight and dawn. Kay’s only hope for salvation lies with her husband, he must recognize her in her new and bizarre shape. If this sounds totally bizarre, it’s because it is. But Donohue makes it work, drawing on myths, legends and fairy tales, he writes a unique and terrifying thriller. Besides puppets are second only to clowns in sheer creep factor

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