Home With My Sisters by Mary Carter. Published by Kensington

As children, Faith, Hope and Joy Garland lived up to their namesakes and were as close as sisters could be, but after their father left them, they grew apart until they were virtual strangers by the time they were adults. They haven’t been together in years, but this Christmas, their grandmother aims to change all that. All three women are invited to their grandmother’s home in a small town in Washington. It’s a simple matter, really, show up or get written out of the will. Joy is back because she needs her inheritance to start up a coffee shop, Joy is there to provide one last happy Christmas before she tells them that she and her father are separating. Hope, alone, seems happy to be there. She loves the little town of Leavenworth and is very attracted to the man living next door. Can three sister, once so close, find a way to love and trust each other again? What a lovely story about the bond that sisters share, one that truly can never be severed


The Good Daughter by Alexandra Burt. Published by Berkley

A little girl called Pet and her mother never settle anywhere, they travel from town to town where the mother takes low paying jobs. One day they are pulled over by police in a town called Aurora and the girl and her mother, now known as the Wallers, finally settle down. Pet, now renamed Dahlia leaves Aurora and her controlling mother as soon as she’s old enough, but comes back years later when it becomes apparent that her mother needs her. One day on a run, Dahlia stumbles over a woman, half dead and buried in a shallow grave. The Jane Doe is in a coma, no one knows who she is or where she came from. Dahlia becomes obsessed with Jane and starts an investigation that will lead her back to her own bizarre and twisted beginning in the town of Aurora where she was born. Burt’s story is like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, just when you think you know what’s happening, the piece you found doesn’t fit. With a little superstition, a little magic and an incredibly intricate plot, Burt will keep readers spellbound

The New Irish Table by Leslie Conron Carola. Published by Charlesbridge

Most people don’t think much of Irish food, if they think of it at all; this book sets out to change that. Divided into the different provinces of Ireland, each chapter visits a professional chef for their take on Irish cuisine. Recipes vary from highly sophisticated to down home simple. The recipes, in turn, range from complicated to easy and feature everything from mains to sides, desserts and drinks. The photographs of the Irish countryside are breathtaking and are accompanied by information about the region and the people who live there

A Proposal to Die For by Vivian Conroy. Published by Carina UK

With her father away in India, Lady Alkmene is simply dying of boredom in London. There’s nothing exciting going on until the wildly popular Broadway star, Evelyn Steinbeck blows into town. When Evelyn’s uncle is found dead of mysterious means, Lady A decides that he was, in truth, murdered, and she sets out to solve the case. Annoying and pesky reporter Jake Dubois sticks his nose in, insisting that Lady A has no business solving a murder, but she sets out to prove him wrong. The first in a new series, this is a well written historical mystery with just a hint of attitude

Sorceress by Sarah Rayne. Published by Endeavour

In the 4th installment of the Wolfking saga, darkness is encroaching upon the world of Tara and while there is only one person fit to take over the role of king, Theo is beset by evil and darkness all around him. I loved the first book in this series, which entwined an apocalyptic world with time travel and while the series is still good, I fell that it’s lost some of it’s initial oomph

Recipe for Love by Katie Fford. Published by Bookouture

Zoe Harper’s wildest dreams come true when she learns she will be appearing on a television cooking show. Finally, she has the chance to prove to the world what a wonderful cook she is and hopefully win some cash in the bargain. But she’s faced with a ruthless and devious competitor and her attention is divided between winning the competition and winning the heart of one of the judges. If she can only have one, which will she choose – love or success? A fun, snappy read that will really appeal to the cooks and bakers out there

Daufuskie Island by John Leuder. Published by Mountain Arbor

Evan and Caris and their children own a lovely beach house on Daufuskie Island off the coast of South Carolina. When a hurricane reveals a treasure chest that had lain untouched for 150 years, the family has no idea that they are about to awaken a curse and a prophecy that will send them back in time 150 years to a world where people were bought and sold because of the color of their skin. This is an adventure that will play out well for intermediate readers and the YA crowd