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She should have been thinking about what to wear to her prom or what movie she wanted to see. Instead, 16 year old Deanna Baker is dead, stabbed to death. Six months later, the murder remains unsolved, although there are plenty of rumors and innuendos about who’s responsible. Then other teenagers turn us missing, it would seem the teens are being stalked by someone. Is this revenge for Deanna’s murder? Or is there something else, even more sinister at work. Mel Sherrat is one of my favorite authors, her characters and storylines are taut and suspenseful


They were supposed to recover a load of drugs from a narcotics bust, but they found something much worse. Detective Erika Foster has received a tip that the drugs the police are looking for are hidden in an old quarry. A search produces the drugs…and the skeleton of a little girl. Jessica Collins was only 7 years old when she vanished nearly three decades earlier. Erika wonders what if anything, the murder has to do with the drugs that were uncovered. Did her informant know about Jessica’s remains? In order to find answers, Erika goes back to the old missing persons case, looking into the Collins family and Amanda Baker, the detective originally assigned to the case, one she has never been able to put behind her.

Patrick Owen teaches art to an impoverished and often violent group of high school students. One boy in particular, Denis, seems intent on making Patrick lose his temper. Denis is a bully and gang member and he makes it his mission in life to make Patrick’s professional life miserable. Already smarting over the break-up of his marriage and the loss of his son, Patrick is in no mood to be trifled with. One night Denis confronts Patrick, the teacher, believing his life is in jeopardy, punches the boy and takes off. He waits for the punishment that is sure to follow, the loss of his job certainly, maybe even jail time. But strangely nothing comes of the incident, it seems that Denis has another sort of punishment in mind, something more subtle. When disaster strikes and Denis ends up dead, Patrick becomes the prime suspect. He’s not the killer…but he knows who is. This is as much a thriller as it is a commentary about life in inner city schools for both teachers and students

Lily loves everything vintage, especially vintage clothing. Her blog is read by thousands of like minded individuals and Lily is always on the lookout for new old clothes to buy. When she hears about a fabulous gown made during the 1950’s, she becomes intrigued. The name of the woman associated with the gown has the same last name as Lily. Determined to track down the story of the dress, Lily goes digging. In the 1930’s Frank leaves Ireland a poor and downtrodden youth, but soon becomes a wealthy entrepreneur in New York. He meets and marries Joy, an iron willed beauty who won’t take no for an answer. Joy wants only the finest and contracts young Honor, a budding dress designer, to make Joy the most beautiful gown ever seen. But as Joy grows more demanding of everyone around her, Frank finds himself turning to Honor for comfort. Of course, this dress is THE dress that Lily is looking for and she will make the connections that tie her to the women who love the dress before she did. I liked this book, but I would have liked it more if the characters were a little more fleshed out.

A family of six has been butchered during a blizzard in Liverpool. Even more horrific, the bodies have then been arranged to form a bizarre pattern. DCI Eve Clay is stumped. Who on earth would do something like this, and why? The whole thinks reels of ritual murder and some sort of satanic rite. Eve has a nagging feeling she recognizes something about the scene. Whatever it is, she better remember quickly, because it appears the killers are nowhere done wreaking havoc and mayhem. This is a police procedural with much darker elements and a savvy and realistic heroine

White returns to her beloved Tradd Street series with Melanie Trenholm finishing up her maternity leave. With brand new twins, Melanie is less than anxious to return to her job as a realtor, but she quickly becomes excited when she learns she may have a huge commission coming her way. Most people would be thrilled to inherit a grand old home on Charleston’s South Battery, but all Jayne Smith wants is a quick sale and a sizable profit. Of course with a house this old, there are bound to be ghosts and with Melanie’s gift, she’s able to see and hear them all, the good, the bad and the ugly. With spirits and bodies popping up everywhere, Melanie soon finds herself in over her head. Nobody writes about the American South like Karen White, her stories are beautifully woven with likable characters and the gorgeous South Carolina Lowcountry

A Mediterranean cruise! What fun! WTF? Drew Gold is celebrating a big birthday, and to celebrate he’s invited his wife along on a cruise through the Med. He’s also invited his first and second wives. If you think that’s a recipe for disaster, you’re right. Current wife, Tess is (pretty)secure in her relationship with Drew. Wife number 2, Mona is a fashion editor who intends to use all the tricks she’s learned about looking sexy to win back the only man she ever loved. And wife number one, Sarah, who put her life on hold when Drew left is finally ready to start living again – what better place to do it then on this cruise? Funny, snarky and impossible to put down