The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson. Published by Viking

It turns out the most dangerous place in the world is in an American school. Molly Nicoll is a newly minted teacher with high ideals and grand plans for her new students at a high school in a wealthy California suburb. But those ideas are immediately dashed when she meets her students; kids who have over-indulged and spoiled by their parents and can’t be bothered with a little thing like their education. To be fair, four of her students are still suffering from the fallout of the tragedy that took place their last year in middle school. They were involved in teasing a child who never fit in and the terrible consequences have left them all scarred in different ways. Johnson explores what it’s like to be a teenager in an age when everything can and does become public knowledge seconds after it happens. She also looks at the fallout for teachers and parents in this story of life in an American high school


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