Indelible by Adelia Saunders. Published by Bloomsbury

Magdalena has the gift of second sight, but her gift manifests itself in a most unusual way. She can see words and numbers written on the skin of everyone she encounters. Sometimes the words are meaningless, but sometimes they are profound and worrying.  It’s a constant barrage and she often takes her glasses off for a reprieve. Now, Magdalena is grieving the loss of a friend she believes she could have saved if she only used her “gift”. Richard is a retired teacher has come to Paris hoping to track down his mother, the ex-pat American author who left him at birth. He has a vivid memory of her red shoes, something, according to others he couldn’t possible remember. Richard’s son Neil is also in Paris, working on his doctoral thesis when he meets Magdalena. She is shocked to see her own name “written” on his cheek and feels she has to know why. This is an intricate and complex novel that requires the reader to tease out the connections between the characters. It’s well worth it, this is a lovely, poetic read


~ by cayocosta72 on September 2, 2016.

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