Death and the Gravedigger’s Angel by Loretta Ross. Published by Midnight Ink

Death Bogart and Wren Morgan get involved when former army medic Tony Dozier is accused of killing a member of the hate group that staged an ugly protest at his wife’s funeral. While the authorities are claiming that Dozier planned the crime, his defense attorney is holding out for an insanity plea. Wren and Death think the truth lies somewhere in between and their search for the truth takes them to the long abandoned Hadleigh House, where Wren is supposed to be getting ready for an upcoming auction. Instead Wren is caught up in the story she uncovers in a long forgotten sketchbook and the story of a World War I soldier. As Wren and Death discover, the past is never far removed from the present, they may just not live long enough to make the truth known. I love this series, it’s quirky, offbeat and totally addictive


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