Always by Sarah Jio. Published by Ballantine

Kailey has the perfect life, she writing for the Herald and engaged to Ryan, the most wonderful guy on the planet. One night after having dinner at a ritzy restaurant with Ryan, she sees a homeless man sitting on the street. She approaches him to offer him her leftovers and is shocked when she recognizes him. Cade McAllister is the man she considers the love of her life. Ten years earlier, their lives together were perfect, until they weren’t. Now, Cade is a shadow of the man he once was, struggling with serious emotional problems. Unable to stop herself, Kailey begins helping Cade get his life back together, a fact she keeps secret from Ryan. It’s not long before the truth comes out and Kailey finds herself with an impossible choice to make. Traveling back in time to what happened to Kailey and Cade to the present, Jio writes a painfully beautiful story about first love and the lasting impression it leaves on us

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