Night Watch by Iris Johansen. Published by St. Martins

Blind since birth, Kendra Michaels was given the gift of sight by a revolutionary surgical procedure. With her other senses already honed from years of blindness, Kendra’s powers of observation are second to none, making her a sought after commodity in the world of crime fighting. She’s alarmed when she gets a visit from Dr. Charles Waldridge, the researcher who made her eye surgery possible; the doctor is obviously bothered by something, but he does not confide in Kendra. That same day, he goes missing. Determined to find him, Kendra takes on agent Adam Lynch, a man with a reputation for getting the job done. Together they begin a search for the missing doctor, only to find one of Waldridge’s associates murdered. The philanthropic organization that gave Kendra her sight appears to be hiding some very deadly secrets. I really enjoy the books that Johansen co-authors with her son, he helps bring a fresh perspective to her books

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