Rescuing Rose by Nicola Marsh. Published by Lake Union

After a bout of drinking makes her oversleep and forget to pick her 6 year old son Olly, up from school, Rose Mathieson knows she has to straighten her life out or risk losing her child. She decides to return to Redemption, Connecticut, a place that should provide the wholesome atmosphere she needs to turn herself around. Not everyone in Redemption is glad to see Rose back, her wild reputation doesn’t sit well with many members of the small community. One person, Caden Shoreham, is glad to see her, once her childhood neighbor, Cade has always harbored feeling for Rose. But can she prove to the town, Caden, and most importantly, herself, that she has left her wild ways behind for good? This was an enjoyable story about a young woman finding the strength within herself to change

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