The Undesirables by Chad Thurmann. Published by Lake Union

The winter of 1942 was unbearably cold in Leningrad,  and as World War II dragged on, people either froze or starved to death in the streets. Karen Hamilton is a 17 year old American musician in Russia and she’s been trapped by the war, which grows ever closer. As she watches death and suffering all around her, she’s consumed by only one though – to get home to her family and fiancee. But conventional means of travel are not possible, so Karen will have to do the unthinkable, and cross enemy lines by herself. On her perilous journey she meets Petr, a conscripted Russian soldier who wants no more to do with the war than she does. The two form an uneasy alliance that slowly grows into something more. In the end, Karen will have to decide whether to return to the United States and her fiancee, or stay in a war torn Russia with the man she’s fallen in love with. A beautiful if brutal story of love in the most unlikely of places


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