The Kill Sign by Nichole Christoff. Published by Alibi

PI turned security specialist Jamie Sinclair returns. This time she’s headed back to Mississippi, a place she knows well – it’s where she got her start in the security field. She’ll be able to catch up with old friends, including the man who gave her s start in the business, but her primary reason for being there is to see her lover, Barrett. Sentenced to MP duty at a local base as punishment for going AWOL, Barrett is paying his dues to clear his record. He takes Jamie out for a fancy dinner aboard a paddlewheeled steamship/restaurant, but things go horribly awry when a bomb explodes, killing 40 of the diners aboard. Jamie and Barrett are safe, but they are regarded with suspicion by authorities. How did they survive, when they were seated in the kill zone? Jamie turns her formidable skills to tracking down the culprit, but she’ll soon learn no one can be trusted, not even her closest friends.

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