Cat Got Your Diamonds by Julie Chase. Published by Crooked Lane

In the Garden District of New Orleans, Lacy Marie Crocker has realized her dream by opening Furry Godmother, a pet boutique/bakery. She’s a little concerned at all the jewelry store break-ins in the neighborhood, but she deposits her cash every night, so she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Until the night she confronts a strange man in her shop after hours. Lacy gives him a blast of gold paint from her paint gun, temporarily blinding him long enough for her to call for help. But when the police arrives, the would be burglar is dead, bludgeoned to death with Lacy’s paint gun. the detective in charge, Jack Oliver, makes no secret of the fact that he thinks Lacy is the killer. leaving Lacy with no option but to find the killer herself. Chase walks the fine line between cute and nauseating well. Not many people could write about piano playing chickens and parading llamas with such aplomb. Highly recommended


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