The Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston. Published by Grand Central

Agent Pendergast is back….sort of. Actually Pendergast is missing and presumed dead. Bereft, ward Constance retreats to her subterranean rooms beneath her family’s mansion. But instead of solace, Constance finds herself spirited away by a specter from the past. Hot on her trail is Proctor, Pendergast’s long time bodyguard. Determined to save Constance, he chases the young woman and her captor, literally to the ends of the earth. But when Proctor catches up with them, he, and readers discover that nothing is what they believed. This is Pendergast’s 16th outing, but Preston and Child show no signs of retiring the enigmatic agent any time soon


~ by cayocosta72 on September 20, 2016.

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