Send in the Clowns by Julie Mulhern. Published by Henery

Ellison Russell is looking for her missing daughter in the town’s Halloween haunted house when she comes across a horrible scene. No, it’s not a vampire, a ghost or a zombie, it’s even worse – a knife wielding clown who has just stabbed another clown. As the killer clown flees, the injured clown begs her for help. It turns out the clown is Brooks Harney and he’s begging for Ellison to save his life. Ellison doesn’t go looking for trouble, it just seems to find her and now with Brooks’ blood on her hands, literally, Ellison feels compelled to find out who would want to hurt him and why. I enjoy this series for many reasons. The fact that it takes place in the mid 1970’s when smart phones, laptops and the internet hadn’t been been conceived of is a breath of fresh air in the crime fiction world

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