Shackleton’s Heroes by Wilson McOrist. Published by Skyhorse

Everyone knows the story of Shackleton’s doomed Antarctic voyage, the stories of bravery and survival are known to most school children. But few, if any, know the story of the Mount Hope Party. A group of six men, they were entrusted with leaving stores of food and fuel along Shackleton’s route, supplies that were essential to the success of the mission and to the survival of Shackleton and his men. And they took their duties very seriously, Shackleton’s failure was unknown to them. They assumed the voyage was still on target and continued dropping supplies at the designated spots, all at great risk to themselves. Now McOrist writes the story of these intrepid men; men that history has all but forgotten. Using diaries and journals written by the Mount Hope men themselves, readers learn of their sacrifices, bravery and camaraderie. An unforgettable story that has finally been told


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