The Art Teacher by Paul. Published by Head of Zeus

Patrick Owen teaches art to an impoverished and often violent group of high school students. One boy in particular, Denis, seems intent on making Patrick lose his temper. Denis is a bully and gang member and he makes it his mission in life to make Patrick’s professional life miserable. Already smarting over the break-up of his marriage and the loss of his son, Patrick is in no mood to be trifled with. One night Denis confronts Patrick, the teacher, believing his life is in jeopardy, punches the boy and takes off. He waits for the punishment that is sure to follow, the loss of his job certainly, maybe even jail time. But strangely nothing comes of the incident, it seems that Denis has another sort of punishment in mind, something more subtle. When disaster strikes and Denis ends up dead, Patrick becomes the prime suspect. He’s not the killer…but he knows who is. This is as much a thriller as it is a commentary about life in inner city schools for both teachers and students

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