The Dress by Kate Kerrigan. Published by Head of Zeus

Lily loves everything vintage, especially vintage clothing. Her blog is read by thousands of like minded individuals and Lily is always on the lookout for new old clothes to buy. When she hears about a fabulous gown made during the 1950’s, she becomes intrigued. The name of the woman associated with the gown has the same last name as Lily. Determined to track down the story of the dress, Lily goes digging. In the 1930’s Frank leaves Ireland a poor and downtrodden youth, but soon becomes a wealthy entrepreneur in New York. He meets and marries Joy, an iron willed beauty who won’t take no for an answer. Joy wants only the finest and contracts young Honor, a budding dress designer, to make Joy the most beautiful gown ever seen. But as Joy grows more demanding of everyone around her, Frank finds himself turning to Honor for comfort. Of course, this dress is THE dress that Lily is looking for and she will make the connections that tie her to the women who love the dress before she did. I liked this book, but I would have liked it more if the characters were a little more fleshed out.


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