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Dori Bardwell’s father wrote the definitive book about slavery and after moving his family north he built a replica of a Southern plantation. Dori had a life planned for herself far away, but a family tragedy brought her home from college to care for her young brother. Now the money is running out, Dori’s ex boyfriend is out for revenge and a sleepy millionaire is after her father’ last unfinished manuscript. Dori is forced to dig into her family’s past, and while she knows it won’t be pleasant, she’s not prepared for what she finds


Griff Henry, a coastguard’s man living on the Dorset coast who feels it’s his job to keep everyone safe and he believes everyone is worth saving. Everyone except his father, Logan,that is. When Griff’s wife tells him she wants a separation, he wonders what she’s keeping from him. If he was wrong about his wife, what else has be been wrong about?

Cody is only 14 when she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses a murder. Terrified of the consequences, she keeps quiet about what she saw and as a result begins acting out and sinking into depression. Her mother, Skye, not understanding what’s happening decides it’s time she fulfilled a lifelong dream and buys a run down inn in the Berkshires. Maybe a new location will help Cody. But of course, a change of scenery does nothing, and Cody starts hanging out with a group of rough kids. Rescue comes in the form of a dog. Adam March is the only guest at the hotel, and he brings with him rescue dog, Chance. As Cody slowly opens up to Chance, Adam and Skye begin to form a bond of their own, even as the consequences of what Cody witnessed get ever closer. While there is an element of suspense in this story, make no mistake about it, the canines are the stars in this wonderful book. Anyone who has ever loved a dog will recognize the ability of these loyal animals to make almost anything right again

AS Olivia Miller’s 25th birthday approaches, she’s settling into her mother and stepfather’s vacation home on St. Barts and hoping that her boyfriend Finn is ready to pop the question. What she doesn’t expect is for her estranged father to show up at the villa. Sebastian hasn’t been part of Olivia’s life for twenty years, but now he’s back and want to get to know his daughter. At first Olivia, resists, but as she gets to know her father and learns of his travels and experiences all over the world, she begins to wonder if the life she has planned is really what she wants. It soon becomes obvious that Sebastian had a reason for washing up in St. Barts; will it be enough to destroy the fragil relationship he and Olivia have built? I wanted to like this book more than I did. The synopsis was wonderful, but the characters interactions and dialogue seemed forced

After the break up of her marriage and the loss of her daughter, Alice is coming home to a little village outside Manchester, England. She was happy here once and wants to try to start over, but the house is no ordinary home, it’s the gateway between worlds, between dark and light. As the house slowly begins to reveal itself to Alice, she seeks help from an old boyfriend, John Revell, who reluctantly comes to her aid. But what appears to be just a haunted house will prove to be much more as John and Alice become all that stands between our world and madness. I love haunted house stories, and this one is that and so much more. Perfect for those who love ghost stories sprinkled with high fantasy

Five different authors take on the same house, Irongrove Lodge, a five-story mansion that has secrets and scares galore. I’m not usually a fan of short stories, but this collection, tied to the same creepy old house, certainly held my attention and had me looking under the bed. A tremendously fun romp through the darkness

Abby is looking for answers about her ability to see dead people – her own ancestors in particular. She makes the rounds of psychics and people who claim to have “the gift”, looking for anyone who can help her understand what’s happening to her. She and her boyfriend Ned (always makes me think of Nancy Drew’s boyfriend) team up with a scientist who believes to have uncovered a way to map the human mind. when both Ned and Abby agree to become test subjects, they have no idea of the consequences that will follow. This is a fun cozy ghost series that’s just spooky enough