Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens. Published by St. Martins

This book starts with a bang and never lets up. Lindsey is on vacation with her husband and young daughter and readers see right away that husband Andrew is controlling and violent. The next thing we know, it’s years later. Lindsey divorced Andrew and she and her daughter have created a new life for themselves. Now, Andrew is out of jail and although Lindsey is worried, she doesn’t believe Andrew will ever find them. So why does she get the feeling someone is watching her, following her? Why are her things moved around, ever so slightly? Andrew insists he’s a changed man, that he would never hurt Lindsey or his daughter. Is he telling the truth? if it’s not Andrew, than who is tormenting her? Stevens is a master at creating suspense, this is one of her best books and one readers will not be able to put down


~ by cayocosta72 on October 3, 2016.

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