Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny. Published by Tor

In the far distant future, you can live as long as you like….as long as you can afford it.  During our time, a little blue pill is synonymous with ED, in the future it means you can live as long as you like. But not everything has changed. Just as it is now, only the wealthy can afford ro extend their lives through overpriced drugs. While the rich (and very old), toast themselves in the depths of Oxford University, a growing number of people are becoming angry. And they are beginning to mobilize and form a plan that will take back all they have been forced to give up. Revolution is seldom without bloodshed and this one will be no different. I couldn’t help draw comparisons with America’s health care system, where only the wealthy, or those lucky enough to have health insurance are deemed worthy of decent care. Yes, I’m looking at you, greedy pharmaceutical companies

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