The Ripper’s Shadow by Laura Joh Rowland. Published by Crooked Lane

Sarah Bain is a photographer in Victorian London, a woman with a past best kept to herself. She makes a little extra money by taking erotic pictures of some of Whitechapel’s “soiled doves”, pictures very popular with men in the area. Bit when her models begin to be savagely murdered, Sarah is sure there is a connection between the crimes. Police seem to care very little at first, after all, these women are societies throwaways. But not to Sarah they aren’t, so she and a motley crew of characters from a humble street urchin to a wealthy man with a secret join forces to find the killer. Police soon take notice, as the murders continue and the killer taunts them in the local paper. They want to know how Sarah has so much information…and so does the killer. Rowland takes on one of history’s most compelling unsolved mysteries and gives it a fresh spin.

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