The Road to Enchantment by Kaya McLaren. Published by St. Martins

  • Willow had an unconventional upbringing, to put it mildly. When her mother tired of her father’s infidelity, she set fire to their bed. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the blaze, the two fled before the authorities could arrive. Starting over in New Mexico with a large plot of land, Willow and her mom start a vineyard/goat farm. Willow hates her new life and when she’s old enough she starts over in Los Angeles. She’s happy with her new life but it all implodes when her boyfriend dumps her, she discovers she’s pregnant and her mother died in a riding accident. With nothing to do but return to the farm in New Mexico, Willow encounters the best friend she had as a child, now all grown up and surprisingly sexy. Traveling back and forth from the present to Willow’s childhood, this is a great story about finding home wherever you are

~ by cayocosta72 on October 9, 2016.

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