The Witchfinder’s Sister by Beth Underdown. Published by Penguin UK

Alice’s husband has been killed in an accident and she has no choice but to return home to live with her brother, Matthew. There are few other choices for a woman alone in 17th century England. When Alice left home, her brother was an introverted young man with a terribly scarred face, the result of a childhood accident. Now he is a man to be feared, a man with powerful friends who is growing more powerful himself everyday. Matthew is compiling a list of women, women he believes guilty of witchcraft. As the list of women grows and they are imprisoned and “tested” to prove or disprove their innocence, Alice realizes her brother has become a monster. This book places firmly in the 17th century, in a time and place where women were accused of terrible things because they were pretty or ugly, because they had children or didn’t have children, because they were married or unmarried, because they were young or because they were old. Because they were women. A profoundly moving and unforgettable book

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