Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson. Published by St. Martins

Ari is a rookie cop who leaves his girlfriend behind in Reykjavik to take a job in a very isolated fishing village. It’s his first job as a cop and he’s determined to succeed, even if he’s told there is virtually no crime in the little village. Apparently Ari has timed his new job well, because shortly after he arrives, there are two deaths, an elderly writer has fallen to his death – an accident everyone assumes, and a woman has been found bleeding to death in the snow – obviously a murder. As Ari works to solve the crimes and deal with being so far away from the woman he loves, he becomes aware of something even more sinister than the recent deaths. These villagers stick together, and they don’t take kindly to an outsider interfering in their business. how far will they go to keep Ari from uncovering the truth? This book is just as much about trying to fit in in an small, closed off society as it is the mystery

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