The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur. Published by St. Martins

Linnet’s Bed and Breakfast in Mountain Springs, Pennsylvania is being threatened by a bizarre phenomenon that has left hundreds of snow geese dead in a waterway near her inn’s parking lot. Reporters have turned out in droves, but guests are decidedly turned off by the gruesome event. The strange occurrence has even brought her estranged sister, Myna to town. It becomes a family affair when their father is tasked with investigating the incident, but when he doesn’t produce answers quickly enough, a younger expert is brought in, one that is later found dead on Linnet’s property. Now Linnet and Myna, who haven’t seen eye to eye in years will have to join forces to prove their father had nothing to do with the murder. As she did in her first book, The Secrets of Lake Road, Katchur establishes her characters and setting in meticulous detail as the mystery is revealed piece by piece


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