Ill Will by Dave Chanon. Published by Ballantine

Dustin is only 8 when his parents adopt Rusty, a trouble boy whose last family met a suspicious end. Not many years later, Dustin’s parents and his aunt and uncle are brutally murdered in their home. Rusty is arrested and convicted of the crimes and sent away for a very long time. Flash forward and Dustin is 40 years old and a practicing psychologist. He has a patient who is fascinated with the stories of young, drunk college boys drowning to death. He doesn’t think it’s a coincidence, and after a while, neither does Dustin. Then he gets word that Rusty is being set free, it appears that in review, there is insufficient evidence to uphold his conviction. What if anything, do these two cases have in common? Flashing back and forth between past and present, readers will slowly find the answers. I this sounds a little schizophrenic, well, that’s because it is. This isn’t a story that is easily read, it takes a fair amount of concentration to understand what’s going on

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