Love and Gravity by Samantha Sotto. Published by Ballantine

When she is seven years old, Andrea is practicing the cello in her room, when a crack appears in the wall. Through it, she can see a young boy seated at a desk and the boy can see her too, then the crack closes. It becomes an obsession for Andrea to summon the boy, who she begins to realize is a young Issac Newton over the years. On her 17th birthday, Andrea receives a passionate 300 year old love letter from Newton, and as time passes and his letters become more intense, he hints at the future they might have together. Andrea works at solving the clues he leaves her that just might make such a thing possible, even as she begins to have feeling for someone in her own time. It soon becomes evident that Andrea will have to make a very difficult choice. What is it about time travel that fascinates us so? From the Time Traveler’s Wife to Outlander, we have made this a topic we love to read about. Love and Gravity is not just another book in the mold, it’s unique, refreshing and exhilarating

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