The Good Sisters by Helen Phifer. Published by Carina UK

In 1932, a Mother Superior opens her convent to a young woman who claims to be running for her life. The next morning, one of the nuns is found dead inside a room with the door locked from the inside. Has the Mother Superior let something far more dangerous than she could have known into her convent? Almost a century later, Kate takes shelter in the same convent, now a decaying monument to the past. Kate has lost everything, a divorced alcoholic, the only thing that keeps her going is her plan to turn the old convent into a bed and breakfast. The locals think she’s crazy, they want nothing to do with the old building and all the bizarre happenings that take place there. Kate thinks they’re crazy – until she begins to hear things, voices, footsteps, things that shouldn’t, couldn’t be there. This is a delightfully spooky read. Highly recommended

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