The Sense of Reckoning by Matty Dalrymple. Published by William Kingfield

Instead of being happy after solving a murder, Ann Kinnear is feeling burned out, depressed and unsure if she should stay in the spirit seeking business. She decides to go to Maine to consult with someone who has the same unique abilities as she does. Hoping for reassurance and a break from all the craziness she’s just endured, Ann is in for a surprise as she and Garrick Masser get caught up in an old scandal from the 1940’s. With the beauty of Mount Desert Island, a creepy crumbling hotel and the great Bar Harbor fire that destroyed a good part of the town in the 1940’s as a backdrop, this is a spooky, thrilling mystery. And as an aside, you can still find ruins of some of the old “cottages”  that were destroyed in the woods around Bar Harbor, if you know where to look. One of the best mysteries I’ve read in a while

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