Southern Gothic by Dale Wiley. Published by Vesuvian

Meredith is the owner of bookstore, Southern Gothic and a failed novelist. Her thriller, Red Ribbon, never landed an agent or publisher. Imagine her surprise when she finds her manuscript reworked – the ideas are her, but the story is better written and more fleshed out. The writing style reminds her of her favorite author, Michael Black, a man who has gone missing under a cloud of rumors and suspicion of murder. It’s obvious someone has been in Meredith’s house and it turns out she was right, Black is the culprit. He wants to write a new book but cannot come forward because of the allegations against him. This is a story within a story, as readers hear from Meredith in the present and also through the reworked Red Ribbon. The idea for this book is fantastic, but Meredith goes from fearing this man to loving him a little too quickly to be believed. Great Southern atmosphere and a unique premise make this an interesting, if disquieting, read


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