Deceptive Practices by Simon Wood. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Olivia Shaw has worked hard to leave her poverty-stricken childhood behind her. She owns a very successful real estate business and has a good, strong marriage. Or so she believes. When she discovers her husband has been cheating on her, she gets in touch with a company called Infidelity Limited, a firm that will beat her husband up and make him see the error of his ways. Of course, readers will not be surprised when Olivia’s husband winds up dead and she becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Surrounded by blackmail, the death of her husband and the very real threat of going to jail for a very long time, Olivia decides to take down Infidelity Limited, herself. As someone who lived with a cheating spouse, the idea of paying someone to thrash him around a little sounds very tempting! I don’t blame Olivia and liked how she took care of all the nasty little problems in her life by herself

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