A World Erased by Noah Lederman. Published by Rowman and Littlefield

Lederman’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors from Poland, but they never really talked about their experiences, at least not in-depth. Noah learns that they stopped telling about the atrocities they faced when it scared their own children so badly, they couldn’t sleep at night. While Noah hopes for the real story, he feels he’s lost his chance to hear it when his beloved Poppy dies. Traveling Europe after college, Noah planned to give Poland a wide berth, but he somehow found himself there anyway. The things he saw, heard and read had a profound impact on him and when he returned home, he carefully broached the topic with his grandmother. Five years after the death of her husband, she was still in deep mourning when Noah approached her. Surprisingly, the topic seemed to bring his grandmother back to the world of the living and she shared, in-depth, her stories of the ghetto, Auschwitz and the other camps, and how she managed to survive.Lederman’s account is heartbreaking and terrifying, it is also uplifting and beautiful as he learns that his grandmother is more than a survivor, she is a hero

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