The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn. Published by Little, Brown

Tired of life in the city, Lucy and Owen pack up their autistic son and move into the bucolic village of Beekman in the Hudson Valley. In many ways, Beekman seems to be a life from another age, where women stay at home and men do manly things with home repair and barbecue grills. Then at a dinner party one night, Lucy learns heard friends have an adventurous side – they have an “open” marriage. While at first the idea sounds ridiculous, it begins to grow on Lucy. The result is a six month period of do whatever you like – there will be no questions asked. It seems like not so innocent fun, until Lucy begins to have feelings for a man she’s having an affair with, feelings that make her doubt her nearly decade long marriage. As readers, we know this cannot go any place good, but it does go a few places that had me snorting with laughter and very glad that monogamy is good enough for me

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